1 October 2009


I got mail today.
"Dear Mr ----" [my name] "The international Socrates Award for Philosophical achievement - Iconic Achievers"
The letter praises "my" (the recepient's) philosophical achievements, recognition of "your varied talents recognized by all", "your avocation, enthusiasm and reputation".
But oh, the only downside of this brilliant Honor is that you have to BUY this fine testament to achievement. For $ 635.
"Commissioned by the IBC, this wonderful, laminated, full-colour certificate has been created by an excellent professional artist. Measuring an imposing 11.5" x 16.5" the award features the portrait of the legendary Socrates in the background.... It will become an heirdom for you and your proud family to cherish"
Maybe I would gain some confidence were I to buy this magnificent thing.
Philosophy is so hard anyway. Maybe one had better buy oneself some recognition in this business.
Now, I have a serious and existential question: WHO THE HELL PAYS FOR MAKING THIS SHIT UP? I mean, printing, distribution etc. must've implied some costs. That there are actually real people who produce spam like this amazes me. Maybe that is what I'll do when I grow up. Profession: producer of spam.

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